How to Succeed With Socially Valuable Women

Published: 11th April 2007
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To succeed with women and dating with the women men want the most, they have to start understanding her behavior and their relationship to it instead of being ignorant.

What men see in front of them and how they judge or value women is primarily now on female appearance or what I call 'social character'.

The sexier she is, the higher (social) value she has and the more men she could theoretically 'sleep with' who would be lined up at her door instantly.

Is this really the path to sex? Competing with millions of other hot dogs for a woman's social value/status?

Most men don't compare anyways 'socially' unless they're a millionaire, actor or movie star yet this is the girl next door!? (Maybe she's just leveraging some things you didn't know your relationship to...)

Because men are judging and playing the game with women 'socially', they're doomed to fail because they're way below her by default in the current social hierarchy.

All they have to do (and ARE doing) is taking on the attributes of their men's mag cover models.

She can have 'any' man and he's struggling with rosy palmer and the women he meets keep rejecting him. What value does he have to offer?

It almost seems hopeless yet that man is judging her on her social character.

The majority of the seduction community continues to play the game socially where they are already starting out 'below' her on the social scale.

Ok, so what about judging women on their 'inner' or 'personal' traits?

That's not going to help most men of our men out either. In fact, it's only going to make things worse the more independent she is because the man himself doesn't know his relationship to her Inner power or where he stands.

He doesn't know HOW to behave around that level of power.

A 'strong' developed woman's 'inner' character ain't no joke. She really IS that way and she is who she is. If he doesn't know his relationship to that he's only going to get burnt to the ground around these women.

'Prada's' as I call them, now constitute a huge percentage of our women in the 'first world'. They're the 'independent' women. The career girls who are climbing up the corporate ladder and although sexually repressed (like the Prickteases), know what they want.

Valuing her on her already astronomical independence isn't going to do anything for either the woman or the man from where he's coming from.

This all seems like a losing proposition so far doesn't it? Well, it IS and that's our current reality. However, there is still some hope left..massive hope, actually.

What's the real SECRET to success with (these) women?

It's valuing them on their natural character. Their what?! Hold that thought..

You see, if you value them socially on their visible 'sexuality', you're not anywhere NEAR their equal (and you 'have to be' equal or greater to lead) and so they can't trust you and you've unnaturally given them the lead role/power.

If you value their inner alpha character and they're a 'developed' woman, they're going to own you (if you aren't strong enough yourself). Translated that means;

Sex once a month in a new long-term relationship where she's paying the bills and you're holding her purse.

Unfortunately that reality already exists with men in those types of relationships who were ALREADY strong ain't no joke like I said.

So how DO you succeed with the Prada's and Prickteases that you have come to overedify?

You bring out their natural character; their true sexuality. To understand what this is you have to read my other articles and check out the website because I just don't have time right here.

Interestingly enough, this kind of approach is best suited to short-term or 'seduction' type relationships resulting in mutual sexual benefit for both parties.

Look, if you CHOOSE to be in a long term relationship with an independent woman, God help you. There will be weekly (most likely daily or hourly) drama, unless you're a supplicating manchild who can put up with sleeping on the couch while repressing your own manhood permanently.

And, objectively speaking, there is little hope for the Social Alpha 'prickteases' to ever be behaviorally natural ever again in their life.

I've never seen it happen. They've been to influenced and too corrupted yet men value them on all the wrong things instead of bringing out the little remaining truth that is left within them.

Prickteases are the women you just want to 'bang' the instant you see them. That whole approach and social character of theirs does represent 'sluttiness' but it's up to you to know that there is a real woman inside who is nothing like what she appears.

They've just adapted socially, that's ALL. That's it. And I'd bet the farm on it. careful about the relationships you choose. Seek win/win relationships even if they're for short-term.

If you're ready for a powerful lifestyle of adding value to the lives of women so they can escape the pressures of their own unnatural development, head over to check out my materials.

Look, I love all women now because I see right through their causal socio-cultural adaptation and development but I have to be honest and I want you to see the truth.

This is about power and value. Stop letting your conditioned ignorance prevent you and them from having the relationships you both desire.

It's up to you as the man to break away (from all your conditioning as I had to and) know because you have more hope than they do to be behaviorally natural. Men have the ability to develop in all areas and only attract women more.

When women develop and forsake their natural gift, all kinds of dynamics get unnaturally thrown off. Why do you think we have a 50% divorce rate now? 70% in L.A. (the EPIcenter of social influence)?

So...value women on their natural character and operate in the natural relational dynamic with women and you will fulfill THEIR (fleeting) fantasies in reality before they go back once again to their haBITCHuated tendencies. It really is about value and that you respect their (hidden)

truth which you will see.

I would hope that they could change for their own sake back to natural but the power of influence involved to make that happen in our social reality would be nothing less than an historic miracle...we've come too far in the wrong direction.

Let me continue to work on that issue and you can make more progress with women wherever you're at by being cognitive of their true sexuality.

Hold on to what's pure, good and eternal (natural energy and truth) and you will be the man that women remember forever (yes, even in short term relationships) because you understood the beauty of their true sexuality, innocence and nature intead of believing the causal adaptation

they showcased.

Not only that but you will be at peace with women for the first time once you reframe your reality around nature instead of social power and exploitation.

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